does your team stand out

Learning Curve



when you want to stand out, not just fit in

If the goal is to stand out from the competition, why do so many companies and organizations keep utilizing the same training processes, year after year, and expect results to change?  To differentiate your team, you have to do something different!


We built our business on the lessons learned from 50 years of training and development with large and small organizations throughout the world.

We Do:

  • Strong coaching
  • Legacy Partnerships
  • Practice, not role play
  • Perfect practice, not just practice
  • Honest communication and real conversations
  • Field  work
  • Skills-transfer

We are NOT a training company, in the typical sense.


We dont:

  • Hurry through a manual
  • Sell books from the back of the room
  • Love our clients then leave them
  • Role Play
  • Teach from an Agenda perspective
  • Just try and “get through the session”
  • Beg people to improve


We are a skills-transfer company.

We recognize that people learn best when they are part of the solution and they are involved throughout the sessions.  We spend our time in the trenches and in war rooms working on developing and mastering the necessary skills to take performance to the next level. We give honest feedback and tell our partners what they need to hear; what’s going to make them stronger.  After a day with dg, your people will be tired, inspired and wired.

Imagine a program that has your team wanting to come to work every day.  They want to sell, service, present and lead.  That is not going to happen by accident.

      Our Partners Care

      Our mandate is to create “Legacy Partners”.  We work with companies and organizations of all sizes and profit motives.  Our model is one of deep and mutual relationships.  We don’t want as many partners as possible, we just want the ones who are commited to doing whats necessary to move the needle of their company.”We would rather have one partner for 10 years than 10 customers, every year”

      We won’t even consider entering into a relationship less than 12 months. Our partners caqre because they recognize that we care and share in the emotional success of their organization.  Try and picture a business partner who is really there for you.  They hurt when you hurt and celebrate when you celebrate.

      Welcome to differentiate group.

        If you are looking to be normal, then be normal. If you want to stand out, then differentiate yourself.