Who is in sales for your company?

You might be surprised. Traditional wisdom would say the sales people.  Maybe the customer service department. Occasionally  you find some companies recognize that anyone who talks to customers is influencing sales.

Recently I decided to buy cabinets for my garage and I had it narrowed down to two companies. One was 25% more expensive and I liked the look of the less expensive companies units. I made my decision.

Later that week I attended a holiday party where one of the employees of the chosen company was there.  She worked in the accounts payable department so she never talked to customers. She was clearly not a sales person.

All night she bad-mouthed the company, its leadership, its policies.

Needless to say, I went with the other company. I spent more money and liked the product less.  Who made that sale?  Who influenced my decision?

Remember: Everyone is in sales for your company!