WHO Manager, IT – Steel Dynamics, Scrap & Metals Recycling

OPPORTUNITY Prior to Chad’s leadership with the IT team, Surveys had been distributed throughout the company asking for what could be improved upon within the IT department. It had come to light that there was indeed room for improvement, though no action steps had been taken to date based on the feedback given throughout the years. Chad went to internal Employee Development strategist: Staci Beiswanger, requesting training and development for his team. Staci referred Mark Norman with high praise.

RESULTS Mark did his homework. Chad and Mark had discussions around the needs of the twenty five folks Chad had in mind, and took Mark through various scenarios. Mark interviewed three separate IT staff to get a strong sense of the culture and responsibilities. A four hour dynamic training, well received training was held.

IMPACT The resulting participant survey given to the twenty-five IT professionals was very positive! Chad described that the team consistently self corrects their own language if they find themselves saying things like “unfortunately…” Chad went on to describe that within the company, people outside of IT have noted the change! He said the thing that really helped bring the experience to life was the stories that Mark used to illustrate the concepts he taught. “this really helped to apply the lesson”





WHO Sales Supervisor, Steel Dynamics/Structural and Rail Division

OPPORTUNITY Roxy leads a team of ten people who are skilled in product knowledge. These folks had identified as customer service representatives. Steel Dynamic’s leadership team knew that with the right skills, tools and opportunity, this group had huge potential. Roxy said they wanted to switch the team from Reactive to Proactive. Key drivers: give the team skills for handling upset customers, up-selling, cold-calling and mining new opportunities. Roxy described one challenge was to convince the Representatives themselves of their untapped potential!

RESULTS Roxy described Mark Norman and Scott Laun’s approach as “down to earth, easy to relate to, funny and light-hearted.” She said they trained, but they didn’t cram it down anyone’s throat”. Mark and Scott taught valuable techniques such as customer interviewssetting the agenda and listening skills that Roxy’s team uses on all types of calls. Defusing techniques have been a lifesaver on calls which involve handling complaints. She went on to say, “and so much more”!

STUDENT BECOMES THE TEACHER Roxy shared with me that she recently found herself in a rather large party supply store interacting with a female clerk. This woman began discussing with Roxy the fact that they really didn’t have a process for handling upset customers. Roxy took a few moments to train her new friend on the skills of how to really listen to an upset customer and properly resolve the issue.




WHO Director of Business Development; Hendrickson Business Advisors

OPPORTUNITY Tony’s role at Hendrickson (HBA), a consulting leadership skills company was to assist organizations in employee development. When Tony began working with Cape Electrical Supply, a company which brings in approximately 200 million/annually, Tony looked for “best sales trainer in the world”. He was led to Mark Norman.

RESULTS Tony describes that after the initial assessment with Cape Electrical Supply “We brought Mark in for a three- day sales training. Mark listened. He developed strong rapport and relationships. On the final day we brought in the CEO and CFO. They were so moved by the mannerisms and behavior changes they saw in their team, they immediately booked second and third sessions!

IMPACT However the biggest impact Tony remembers is that the top leadership had new understanding of their company’s needs, based on the experience that Mark had with the team. Communication had been pulled up rather than pushed down.