Sales Presentations

Every sales person has the potential to be a great presenter. We help transform that potential into everyday greatness.

Nothing is more painful than enduring a poor presentation – for the presenter and the audience. Novice or poor presenters don’t realize that audiences are actually rooting for them to do well. Why? See “painful” above.

Another insight: buyers make purchasing decisions based on emotion and reason. You might have the best product, but if you fumble the presentation, chances are you’re out.

The strategic impact of poor presentation skills is huge. Lost opportunities to even gain the short list. Lost deals. Lost upsell. Lost revenue. Lost careers.

Delivering a superior customer experience begins with your first contact. Everyday greatness never takes a holiday. Everyday greatness doesn’t get a warmup period.

The good news is that being great out of the gate is a skill you can learn. And our proven-skills transfer method will sharpen your presentation skills.

More importantly we will help you develop the confidence that every presentation is your opportunity to shine.

Strategic Benefits

  • Differentiate by delivering a superior customer experience starting with initial contact.
  • Advance more often past “the pitch” to the short list.
  • Convert opportunities into wins.

Problems Addressed

  • Ineffective presentations (content & delivery)
  • Message alignment
  • Message delivery (verbal/nonverbal cues)
  • Presentation confidence

Training Approach

  • Includes a two-day lab of presentation practice.
  • Covers the power of both verbal and nonverbal cues and how to be effective on both levels.

Next Step

Contact us to take your first step to everyday greatness. Schedule a discovery session to pinpoint where you are on the path to everyday greatness and where you would like to be.