Leader Coach

It’s said employees don’t quit companies. They quit people – their managers.

Are bad managers the root of all evil? Maybe not but they certainly are expensive.

One research firm estimates the annual cost of bad management at north of a half trillion dollars. Bad management surfaces in measurements of employee engagement or more accurately disengagement.

Humorous examples of bad management have appeared in Hollywood films and popular cartoons.

But few are laughing when their boss holds haphazard staff meetings that lack agendas, never has one on ones, creates constant fire drills, rarely delegates for fear of developing the next boss, communicates upward to the C-suite but minimally to the staff.

Leader Coaches know that strong employee engagement is the foundation of being great and delivering a superior customer experience. Take care of employees and they’ll take care of the rest.

Our proven skills-transfer method to transform managers into Leader Coaches is tailored to each attendee. First, we identify the behaviors and skills preventing you from being a Leader Coach. Second, we train you on holding effective meetings, developing staff, delegating, motivating/inspiring, and communicating.

Strategic Benefits

  • Differentiate by delivering a superior customer experience by developing great employees and great teams.
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee retention
  • Employee performance

Problems Addressed

  • Ineffective 1:1s
  • Ineffective meetings
  • Poor skills transfer/development
  • Ineffective delegation
  • Demotivating behaviors
  • Poor communication

Training Approach

  • Features a 2-day session to identify and improve the key skills preventing a manager from being a Leader Coach.
  • Skills transfer includes effective meetings, staff development, delegation, daily motivation/inspiration, communication.

Next Step

Contact us to take your first step to everyday greatness. Schedule a discovery session to pinpoint where you are on the path to everyday greatness and where you would like to be.