Leader Presentations

Did you rise to the top but never developed the communication and presentation skills now required of the C-suite? Does a presentation at a board meeting, employee town hall, Wall Street analysts, shareholder gathering, team offsite or key customer event cause you great anxiety?

Great leaders are made not born. Great leaders are constantly working on their communication skills, especially for key stakeholder presentations. As a company brand champion, your ability to speak to stakeholder groups has great influence on how these audiences perceive you and your company.

The confidence, poise, professionalism, humor (yes, humor) and leadership you project can build trust and confidence not only in you but your company. We believe all leaders have the potential to become great presenters. You don’t just owe it to yourself. You owe it to your audience.

Strategic Benefits

  • Leadership credibility
  • Stakeholder group confidence/support
  • Customer acquisition/retention
  • Employee morale/retention

Problems Addressed

  • Presentation skills/confidence
  • Message development and delivery
  • Presentation effectiveness

Training Approach

  • Features a two-day practice-based workshop

Next Step

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