Customer Service Effectiveness

Every customer service person, every customer service team has the potential to be great. We help transform that potential into everyday greatness.

Customer service is the backbone of every great company. Yet many companies hesitate to invest in the lower-cost way to drive revenue. Acquiring new customers is expensive. Retaining existing customers is an estimated seven times less costly.

Brand research shows most customers want to be loyal. If they trust your brand and love your service, they will continue buying from you. Many will buy more from you.

Brand disconnects, brand dissonance (fancy words for bad service) will drive them away.

We don’t just teach. We train. Our proven skills-transfer method delivers results. We don’t lecture and leave. We are not programmatic trainers. Each company, each customer service team, each customer service member is unique. We design our workshops to fit your needs.

We hold ourselves accountable to drive adoption of winning behaviors. And we hold you accountable to seek everyday greatness. Some call it tough love. But we know everyday greatness has to be earned.

Strategic Benefits

  • Differentiate by delivering a superior customer experience starting with initial contact.
  • Align team members with strategic goals.
  • Develop and sustain consistently high-performing teams by adopting best practices and winning behaviors.
  • Improve customer retention performance.

Problems Addressed

  • Inconsistent adoption and usage of customer service processes, tools, methods, practices.
  • Lack of basic knowledge on best practices and tools related to retaining customers.

Training Approach

  • Features a three-day practice-based workshop to identify and modify behaviors related to using and following customer service processes and tools.
  • Includes a 6-12-month monitoring period to inspect/ensure “real-world” adoption/usage of winning behaviors and best practices.

Next Step

Contact us to take your first step to everyday greatness. Schedule a discovery session to pinpoint where you are on the path to everyday greatness and where you would like to be.