Mark Norman

Founder and Managing Partner

For more than 35 years Mark has been in the business of helping others realize their potential. He started his coaching and development career with an international training company and went on to own two franchises. Growing both of those, he decided, in 2001, to step away from the guarantee of a known company and follow his passion.  Working with multiple organizations, Mark has coached over 100,000 people to an improved performance.  This track record and his success in selling made starting Differentiate Group a natural progression.

Mark is an international trainer, keynote speaker and award-winning salesperson. He has coached and delivered internationally and is constantly being asked back to companies because if the impact he has.

“What people need most in the world today is someone who can help them become the kind of person they are capable of becoming. That is a true friend,” Mark says.

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Scott Laun

Founder and Managing Partner

Scott has been in the coaching business for more than 33 years, both professionally and personally. His personal mission is to “build others” and that led him to join Mark in creating Differentiate Group.

Coaching and training have been at the core of his life.  Honing his skills at an international development company, Scott brings those best practices to your organization. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies and small business owners to maximize their peoples performance and impact the bottom line.

Scott has presented his unique brand of delivery internationally and for 20 years, coached amateur baseball at the college level. “An organizations greatest asset is NOT the people!” Scott says. “It’s the untapped potential of the people.”

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Millie Black

Sales Coach

Millie Black is a certified coach recognized by The Coaches Training Institute.

Millie’s career in coaching and training began in 1997 as a group leader for Weight Watchers International. At Weight Watchers, Millie motivated and helped countless people achieve their weight-loss goals. She then advanced to become a leader coach for the organization, responsible for training future leaders.

After Weight Watchers, Millie worked for fig., where she trained the company’s body sculpting sales force, then worked for a company with national accounts such as AT&T and Suddenlink.

Millie is a self-described people person, with a disarming personality and a great sense of humor, which she uses to engage participants and encourage them to open their hearts and minds.

Millie has won numerous awards with national companies, including Weight Watchers International and fig. for her training expertise.

Millie believes the best way to impact a team is to impact leadership. She also believes adults want to live in a world they create. She’s found that by asking the right questions, she can help others self-discover, which is always the quickest way to any solution.

Millie has been married for 27 years, has two adult children and lives in Salt Lake City.